Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

Facilitating Role Playing Exercises

Role plays allow trainees to apply new technical knowledge and skills in situations that simulate those they encounter at work, which helps facilitate transfer of learning to the workplace for improved on-the-job performance. Unlike case studies, in which trainees carefully analyze a situation before responding, role plays require trainees to react to situations in the moment when applying technical information and procedures they have learned.

In addition, role plays help facilitate transfer of learning by giving trainees opportunities to:

Rumors and Misconceptions about IUDs

This handout provides definitions for rumors and misconceptions and includes methods for counteracting them.  Also included is a list of common rumors or misinformation about IUDs and the facts and realities that can be used to combat them.

Fact Sheet: Copper IUDs

A two-page fact sheet of key points about the copper IUD.

Icebreaker Options

A variety of options for icebreakers--informal exercises that help participants and trainers get to know each other, get more relaxed and receptive, and prepare for the learning experience.