FP Counseling Handout #1: Counseling Tool for Family Planning

The Counseling Tool can be used by family planning providers to offer family planning counseling.

The tool can be used with the Training Resource Package for Family Planning, the Family Planning Counseling Module. The steps outlined in the Counseling Tool, correspond to the stages of the Family planning counseling process, outlined in the module.

Step 1: Establish rapport and assess client’s needs and concerns

Step 2: Provide information to address client’s identified needs or concerns

Step 3: Help client make an informed decision or address a problem

Step 4: Help carry out client’s decision

Use this tool along with the method choice chart to help clients choose and use a family planning method that suits their needs.

The tool can be used with clients who already have a method in mind or who need to be reminded about how to use the method they are currently using.