Benefits of Family Planning

This module is designed to be used by clinical trainers and pre-service educators with a thorough understanding of adult learning principles and the ability to provide clinical training on FP topics in pre-service or in-service settings.

Designed to actively involve the trainees in the learning process, sessions include:

  • a session plan,
  • PowerPoint presentations, and
  • accompanying activities and resources.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, trainees should be able to do the following:

  • Define family planning (FP)
  • Describe the risks of pregnancy and delivery among women with various characteristics and conditions 
  • Describe how FP improves the lives of women, children, families, and communities 
  • List the benefits of FP for all women, for children, for families and communities.
  • Discuss FP in the context of human rights
  • Explain how FP contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals
Read the Quick Start guide below, if you haven't already--and then explore the tabs at right to walk through the Facilitator's Guide, illustrative examples, presentation slides, handouts, and more--all of which you are free to adapt for your training participants' needs.