Presentation Slides for Levonorgestrel Intrauterine Devices (LNG-IUDs)

The PowerPoint presentations include technical information on LNG-IUDs.  Text and information for these slides is included in the slides’ speakers notes, as well as in the session plans where each slide is used. There are three types of slides:

Slides conveying most of the technical information are pale blue/green:

The pale green slides with a pink header are Basic Slides that include basic information needed by most, if not all, providers and simple illustrations

The pale blue advanced slides present research that supports the recommendations in the Global Handbook and the Training Resource Package and can be included or excluded by the facilitator as appropriate. They are especially appropriate for physicians who may desire additional information from supporting research studies. The text for these slides can be found in the speaker’s notes.

This module has another set of pale blue/green slides called optional/additional slides. These are slides that provide detailed information on the clinical aspects of the method, for example, on how to load, insert and remove an IUD. The facilitator may decide to use or not use these slides depending on the cadre of the learners and their job description or scope of work.