Illustrative Module Session Plan - ECP

The session plan summarizes how the resources and documents in the module should be used to achieve the learning objectives. Each section of the session plan addresses a module topic, such as characteristics of ECPs or who can use ECPs. The slides to be shown with each section and appropriate handouts are identified. The ECP module is divided into three sessions:

  • Session I is on the characteristics of ECPs and includes key points for providers and clients, effectiveness, and mechanism of action; 
  • Session II contains information on who can and who cannot use ECPs, medical eligibility for the use of ECPs, and information on screening for ECP use;
  • Session III is on providing ECPs. It includes a review of when to start ECPs, key counseling topics for ECP users, correcting rumors and misunderstandings, and providing on-going contraception.

The Illustrative Training Schedule provides a snapshot of the breakdown of the module by day, time, and topic covered.