October 2018

  • USHAPE: New Era of Reflection and Growth

    Anita Dam

    USAID Global Health Bureau, Office of Population & Reproductive Health | Family Planning Workforce & Communications Intern

    USHAPE Training Session 1

    USHAPE Training Session ©USHAPE/Margaret Pyke Trust

    We are excited to once again feature USHAPE (Uganda Sexual Health and Pastoral Education) on the Family Planning Training Resource Package website as it begins a new chapter under the management of the Margaret Pyke Trust. The Margaret Pyke Trust is based in the United Kingdom and has around 50 years of history providing sexual and reproductive health services along with implementing research and training for health care workers. They have the broadest range of sexual and reproductive health training courses in the UK for health care staff. In the last few years, the Margaret Pyke Trust have started working internationally to address the need to advance sexual and reproductive health services and trainings in low- to middle-income countries. Taking over the management of USHAPE only seemed natural, since USHAPE was originally created by UK based volunteer doctors. It has been an optimistic transition for USHAPE to come under the Margaret Pyke Trust as there has been a continued effort to increase capacity of USHAPE’s training programs.