March 2016

  • Family Planning in a Rural Setting in Uganda: The USHAPE Initiative

    Dr. Emily Clark

    Royal College of General Practitioners | UK First-5 General Practitioner; Beyond Europe Lead, Junior International Committee

    Dr. Clare Goodhart

    Cambridge University | Senior Clinical Tutor (hon), General Practitioner, Trainer, Training Programme Director

    Family planning and the Millennium Development Goals

    Family planning and the Millennium Development Goals2


    Family planning can save lives. The total fertility rate in Uganda is 5.9 children per woman, higher than in neighbouring countries.1. Ugandan women are having, on average, 1.7 more children than they plan. At least one woman in the world dies every minute due to pregnancy and childbirth; the risk is 100 times greater in developing countries. Family planning prevents maternal deaths for a number of reasons: